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The Fun Kitchen Food Experience – Social Eating

Welcome to Fun Kitchen. We love to serve you the best dishes from the Nikkei cuisine, only the best quality is good enough, and we will always strive for perfection. We recommend that every dish is shared between the whole group, so that you could try all the different flavours, but also eat in a much more social setting. We hope you will enjoy the food and the sharing concept.

What is Nikkei Cuisine?

«Nikkei is when Peru gets engaged with Japan, mixing tradition, culture and respect for the products. Further having fun, a lot of fun.»
Head chef, Cristian Villegas

Nikkei cuisine was born as a result of the fusion of Japanese recipes and traditions with Peruvian ingredients. The Japanese introduced new ingredients to Peruvian cuisine like miso, ginger, soya wasabi, sake, rice vinegar. They also integrated Peruvian ingredienzts for example yellow Peruvian chili, rocoto, and panca chili, quinoa, andes potatoes and different Peruvian corn and tropical fruits. This fusion of the two cuisine cultures did not happen overnight but took place progressively. Today, Nikkei cuisine is constantly evolving. The best way to understand it is by experiencing it at Fun Kitchen.

What is Omakase?

Omakase is a Japanese word, that means «trust» or put yourself in the chef’s hands. Getting the best of the menu and enjoy the trip that the chef has prepared for you.